What are job search resources?

Consult university and company alumni networks. Search local job boards and job fairs.

What are job search resources?

Consult university and company alumni networks. Search local job boards and job fairs. Explore resources for job seekers with disabilities. Learn about new career opportunities, find salary and occupational information, take online job search courses, and use many other resources.

Gary Job CorpsA great resource for recruiting, educating and training students to meet the needs of a changing job market is Gary Job Corps. At its San Marcos Texas facility, Gary offers instruction in more than two dozen vocational specialties, including business computers, automotive diagnostics, health care, culinary arts, heating and air conditioning, welding, machinist, and construction trades. Job Seeker Customer SurveyAre you a job seeker using our services? Let us know how we're doing. Take our online survey for job seeker clients.

While it won't get you the job if the interview didn't go well, it can serve as a tie breaker or put you over the top if the hiring manager likes some candidates. Networking has the potential to be the fastest way to go from starting a job search to signing a job offer. The Department of Labor's (DOL) Employment and Training Administration (ETA) provides additional online job search resources to help you. The following list of job search resources is a compilation of useful job search-related websites that are categorised by topic in multiple areas of concentration.

Improving your skills before you look for a job can help you access better paying opportunities or even new career paths. You'll find out how recruiters REALLY work and how to interact with them to have the best chance of finding a job. With job alerts, you will receive new job offers that match your search criteria by email (saving you the time of re-starting a new search each time) and, as you will be among the first to know about new job offers, you can stay ahead of other potential candidates. The following article explains why, and gives you steps you can take to start getting results with job search networking immediately - even if you don't have an existing network and have never done anything like this in the past.

The right resume writer can take your professional history and turn it into what employers want to see for the exact type of jobs you're applying for. If you want to find a variety of jobs that interest you and fit well with your experience, you need to diversify your efforts. Use the strategy outlined in the following article if you are a job seeker who wants to improve your LinkedIn profile. Networking events are opportunities to meet people in your industry who can connect you with potential job opportunities, provide valuable advice or act as mentors.

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