What resources would be useful in the job search?

Consult university and company alumni networks. Search local job boards and job fairs.

What resources would be useful in the job search?

Consult university and company alumni networks. Search local job boards and job fairs. Welcome to our list of the best tools and resources for job seekers and career professionals. Job searching is a long and sometimes daunting experience that most of us experience at least once.

That's why I've created this list of resources for job seekers to help as many job seekers as possible. Get 10 tips on how to recognise the great work your team members do, whether they work onsite or remotely. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a selection of useful reports on employment statistics and 10-year forecasts. Use them to determine whether your chosen career is experiencing or is likely to experience a talent shortage.

If so, you can expect a higher starting salary or more attractive benefits if your skills match employers' needs. These 10 great career resources should help you choose your next position, and can even guide you towards continuing professional development. LinkedIn also provides access to online training resources to help job seekers become more competitive. It is certainly worth joining any business alumni network that is formally available to you, as there is a shared history among members that can make it more likely that someone will help you in your job search or simply when you are interested in networking opportunities.

This is because even the most career-oriented members are often busy with their actual job responsibilities and consequently do not pay much attention to job search resources. While it won't get you the job if the interview didn't go well, it can be a tie-breaker or put you ahead if the company manager likes some candidates. To research a company before you apply or to prepare for a job interview, try using Hoovers to see vital company information, such as revenue and finances or key competitors. Start here to learn how to recruit, hire, retain and advance people with disabilities and how EARN's resources can help.

This list will grow in the coming months, so feel free to bookmark it and use it as a reference if you are also looking for work in the future. Many of these professional Facebook groups are full of people doing similar things to you, which means that building relationships here and letting people know you're looking for work is a must. Networking events are opportunities to meet people in your industry who can connect you with potential job opportunities, provide valuable advice or act as mentors. If you join a company's talent network, you can be the first to hear about new job opportunities, get in touch with recruiters and find out about any networking or recruitment events the company may be holding.

Whether you're a first-time job seeker or someone who's out of work, WorkSource offers plenty of virtual activities and services to help you in your job search. Don't make that mistake; you only get one chance to make a first impression when you meet someone new, whether it's at an interview, networking event or job fair. Follow companies that interest you and connect with them on various social media platforms (often listed on the company's website), where they often post company news and the latest job openings. The Corporation for National and Community Service can help you find non-profit job opportunities that match your career choice to enhance your value to hiring managers.

The following list of resources for job seekers is a compilation of useful job search-related websites that are categorised by topic in multiple areas of concentration.

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