What are the four steps of a successful job search?

Build your networkUnderstand who you are. Understand what you have to offer - and give it freely.

What are the four steps of a successful job search?

Build your networkUnderstand who you are. Understand what you have to offer - and give it freely. Get ahead now by focusing on the future. Learn more about how to network successfully.

Job or internship searches can sometimes be confusing, difficult and frustrating. The four steps in this resource will help you stay focused and productive in your search. You should plan to review each step as you grow in your knowledge and understanding of the positions and industries. Each of the steps outlined below is done without regard to a specific industry or position.

It is best to schedule an appointment with your Career Exploration Advisor (ACE) or a sector-specific Career Advisor to customise your process. The questions we have provided at each step are designed to help you reflect on your readiness and identify what you may need to do to move through the process. As you search for jobs and internships, keep reviewing steps 1-3, constantly refining your document, expanding your knowledge base and building more professional connections. It may seem repetitive, but going through these steps will greatly increase your chances of landing your next position.

Your search process should include looking for opportunities at. Make a calendar and stick to it. Your career counsellor or a qualified job search expert can help you determine the best avenues of approach to infiltrate the "hidden job market" and find out which companies would best suit your career goals. After the second step, you will be better able to identify a job that matches your personality, talents and interests.

Apply for the job that matches your skills and interests It is your job that will make or break your career, so match it to your strengths. This last step in the job search process is often overlooked, yet it can give you a distinct advantage over your competition. For others, the job search is about making a life change and they are not yet sure which path to take to be happy in their career. Your job search should be based on a thorough understanding of the sector you are pursuing, as well as knowledge of key industry and company trends.

Above all, if you are prepared for a long and exhausting job search, you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive a real offer. Review the job description and think of examples where you can highlight your skills and experiences that apply to the position. As stated in the daily checklist, networking is essential not only to build your professional network, but also to improve the job search and recruitment process. Above all, keep a positive attitude towards yourself and work on your job search as if your career depends on it, because after all, it does.

When you've set your goal and worked with your coach to determine what the future holds, it's time to move on to step two. A good resume writer will work together with you and (with your permission) your coach to determine the objectives, skills and abilities that need to be marketed to achieve your job search goal. Keep these tips in mind every time you submit a job application and it won't be long before you find that dream job running after you. It wasn't so long ago that the job market was a playground for the unemployed or those looking for a new opportunity.

Interviews are all talkWhen your job application reaches the interview stage, put your best foot forward when you meet your interviewer.

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